CCJ West of Scotland - Examining Texts Together 2: The Story of Noah and its Implications for the Climate Emergency

Branch Event

Studying texts together help reveal both similarities and differences in terms of how Jews and Christians interpret these texts and the implications they have for our life in the world. With the upcoming COP26 conference to be held in Glasgow this year, CCJ West of Scotland is offering two sessions to examine the story of Noah from both a Christian and Jewish perspective and what the potential differences in interpreting the story might have for how we think about an issue of universal importance like the environment. With speakers from both the Christian and Jewish communities, we will examine questions and themes such as:

• What are we to make of Noah’s silence in the face of the destruction of the world?

• What do we make of God’s intention to destroy the earth, particularly with the expression of God’s disappointment and sadness with creation?

• What might the story of Noah and the Flood offer us in terms of a possible connection between righteousness and sustaining life?

• Can the story of Noah be read as a kind of ecological parable, a story which makes a connection between human corruption and divine destruction?


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When: 7th October 2021, 7.30PM

Where: Sessions will be conducted via Zoom


Location: (via Zoom)

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