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2 May 2024

Dear NUS National Executive Council,

In your action plan to combat antisemitism published last year, you admitted to what you yourself described as ‘shocking’ past failings and committed to a ‘proud and unwavering commitment to understanding and tackling antisemitism in all its forms within NUS and the student movement’ and to ‘changing culture through education, practice and dialogue’. Yet the Union of Jewish Students and many Jewish student representatives at the recent Blackpool conference felt isolated and let down by NUS leaders. Reports of swastikas and antisemitic graffiti in the toilets are completely unacceptable.

The Campus Leadership Programme from the Council of Christians and Jews gives students the skills and experience needed to create brave interfaith spaces that in turn will create social change and build a culture of inclusivity at their university. As students of many faiths working in interfaith dialogue, we stand with Jewish students and urge you to make good on your pledge of education, practice and dialogue in relation to the scourge of antisemitism.

We welcome NUS’s statement following this incident and the subsequent disciplinary actions NUS has taken.


Katharina Luetzenkirchen - Edinburgh University

Eliana Glaser - Edinburgh University

Raquel Menashe - Leeds University

Natasha Pritchard- Manchester University

Nadeem William Hayati - Manchester University

Kinneret Lauer - Manchester University

Avner Bordoley - Manchester University

Carman Raoufian - Manchester University

Beth Henwood – Campus Leadership Manager, Council of Christians and Jews

Beth Williams – Campus Leadership Manager, Council of Christians and Jews

Dr James Roberts – Interim Assistant Director, Council of Christians and Jews

Revd Dr Nathan Eddy – Co-Director, Council of Christians and Jews

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