Holocaust Education

We were founded in 1942 and dedicated our work to raising awareness about the persecution and destruction of the Jews of Europe.

Today, CCJ is the only organisation in the UK which provides Holocaust education for the Christian community.

Our annual seminar for Christian clergy and church leaders at the International School of Holocaust Studies, Yad Vashem, is unique in the whole of Europe.

By learning about the Holocaust and equipping church leaders to be Holocaust educators we aspire to commemorate the past and transform Christian-Jewish relations for the future.

We work all year round with our Yad Vashem programme alumni, supporting them to engage their communities in Holocaust commemoration. 


Our annual resources for Holocaust Memorial Day are used by churches across the UK.

To access Holocaust Education resources please click here.

Please contact James Roberts if you are interested in applying for a Yad Vashem seminar.



Witnessing to Memory: Teaching on the Holocaust in Religious Educational Contexts

This is an innovative new course being developed by CCJ which will run from 8th September until November 2022, once a week for seven weeks, on Zoom. The interactive, seminar-based module is aimed at both Christian clergy and lay leaders in religious educational contexts (such as RE teachers, Interfaith Advisors, and others) who wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding of teaching on the topic of the Holocaust in relation to faith and religion.

Read more about this course here.