Christian-Jewish Thought

Connected Communities

Connected Communities: Churches Responding to Prejudice Against Jews and Judaism is a resource for Christians to learn more about Jewish-Christian dialogue, antisemitism, and anti-Judaism. The intent is to grow appreciation for the connections that have linked Christians and Jews for the last two thousand years, to equip local churches to engage in Jewish-Christian dialogue, and to cultivate esteem for Judaism in Irish and British churches.

This resource arose out of a concern on the part of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) and the Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) to help ordinary Christians understand these issues, as well as wider ones related to Christian faith and practice.


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Why ‘Christian Seders’ Are Not a Good Idea: A Brief Explainer

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Themes for Christmas - A resource

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Deep Calls To Deep: Transforming Conversations Between Jews And Christians


Joy Barrow, Tony Bayfield CBE, Teresa Brittain, Wendy Fidler MBE, David F. Ford OBE, David Gillett, Jeremy Gordon, Michael Hilton, Natan Levy, Patrick Morrow, Alan Race, Stephen Roberts, Vivian Silverman, Elli Tikvah Sarah, Steve Williams, Alexandra Wright, Debbie Young-Somers

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Bishop Michael key note address to ICCJ on Christian-Jewish relations

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