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For Refugees, With Refugees: Advancing Interfaith Responses

What can your community do to support refugees? How can you work together with those of other faiths? This CCJ resource for communities and faith leaders gives you the advice you need on launching an interfaith project to help refugees. It contains ideas for projects, Christian and Jewish reflections, as well as a list of further resources you can go to for additional help.

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CCJ Safe Car Wash Resource

Modern Slavery is a growing issue in the UK, with thousands of victims hidden in plain sight. Some of these people are working in hand car washes, where police raids have uncovered victims living in appalling conditions.

CCJ and the Clewer Initiative believe that as communities, we have a responsibility to combat modern slavery. The Clewer Initiative have created the Safe Car Wash App, which helps members of the public to spot the signs of forced labour.

CCJ are working with the Clewer Initiative to publicise the app. We have produced a resource for Christian and Jewish communities to raise awareness of modern slavery. CCJ’s Safe Car Wash Resource contains sermon ideas, religious sources on slavery, activities for children and young people, and ways to involve the community in ending modern slavery.

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Freedom Seder: Haggadah Companion

In 2017 CCJ held its first Freedom Seder, bringing together over 70 faith leaders, political figures and activists for a unique Seder experience. The Freedom Seder encouraged reflection and action on tackling human trafficking and modern slavery. The Seder was a development of CCJ’s work with Stop The Traffik and a number of Christian movements on Freedom Sunday, a Christian day of worship and action on these issues which takes place in October. The Seder marked one of the first times these issues have been considered in an interfaith context.

The Seder utilised CCJ’s bespoke Haggadah Companion which comprises: theological reflections on the Seder and human trafficking; responses to these issues from religious leaders; stories from victims and survivors of trafficking; information about modern slavery and simple action points to start making a real contribution to ending human trafficking. The Haggadah Companion is available as an e-resource to be used in your communities locally from our website by clicking the link below.

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Refugee Week

Refugee Week, is the UK’s largest festival promoting understanding of refugees and celebrating their contribution.

CCJ’s guide to Refugee Week contains advice on how to run your own interfaith Refugee Week event, as well as Christian and Jewish liturgy and commentaries for the Sabbath services in that week. We hope you find it practical and thought-provoking.

Download the guide below.

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