CCJ Statement on Quaker divestment

Posted Fri, 11/30/2018 - 11:35 by MCS

It is not easy to understand the purpose of the Quaker statement on divestment from ‘companies profiting from the occupation of Palestine’, since  the Quaker community does not invest in any companies in the region. We note also that the Quaker community is not seeking to divest from any other current conflict in the world.

The statement does not acknowledge the injustices suffered by Palestinians and Israelis. Rather than choosing one narrative over another, we need to support Israelis and Palestinians equally in seeking a peaceful solution to this conflict.  While CCJ recognises the diversity of views held by Christians and Jews on this matter, it is only through understanding the very real complexities and sometimes conflicting truths of all parties, that those external to the conflict are able to make a positive contribution to peace.

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