Posted Fri, 07/14/2023 - 10:29 by Lazzaro

Please remember to book this date in your diary for our ...

                             Buber Lecture

                        September 12th, 7pm
         ’Socrates and the Foundations of Ethics’

                     ...with Armand d’Angour


Professor of Classics at Oxford University and Fellow and tutor in Classics at Jesus College, Oxford.
 Professor d'Angour introduces his subject to us ...


The tradition of Western philosophical and ethical thought, which Martin Buber represented in his dialogical philosophy of Ich-Du, is often said to begin with Socrates as presented in the dialogues of his pupil Plato. A supreme ethicist, Socrates was executed on the grounds of atheism and the corruption of young men; but how were those charges sustainable? My recent investigations into the youth of the philosopher suggests new personal perspectives on his life and thought and bring to life his early interactions with an unusually brilliant ancient Greek woman, Aspasia of Miletus.

                     Armand’s book on this topic is available in
                         print format and also as an E book …


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