CCJ Mid-Term Strategy

Posted Fri, 04/19/2024 - 11:01 by Lazzaro

In response to the challenges which interfaith work is facing in the UK, CCJ’s mid-term strategy outlines our vision for the next nine months. We will be focusing our attention on education in the UK, to provide a strong foundation for future dialogue and social action projects. Our priority areas are addressing the unprecedented rise in antisemitism, and supporting and empowering our networks to be interfaith ambassadors across the UK (from our branches, to our campus leaders and programme alumni). We want to see an increase in understanding of antisemitism, and an increase in the confidence of our networks to build positive interfaith relations at this difficult time.  We have a range of activities which seek to achieve these aims, and we will be reporting on our progress as these unfold. We invite all our members and friends to join us on this journey to build a strong foundation for Christian-Jewish relations here in the UK, and we are grateful to all those who support our activities.


Click here to download the document (PDF)


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