Posted Mar 15th, 2022

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Tu Bishvat

Posted Jan 27th, 2022

Picture of tree

Tu Bishvat, which Jews observed on Monday this week, heralds the Jewish new year for all produce, for the environment in which we live and to which we owe a great and ancient responsibility. 

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Judith: The Heroic Widow

Posted Dec 3rd, 2021

In this blog, Avigail Simmonds-Rosten (CCJ Programme Manager) reflects on the significance of Judith, who is related in Jewish tradition to the festival of Chanukah. The Book of Judith is included in Roman Catholic Bibles, but is not included in Protestant Bibles, nor is it included in the Jewish Bible, the Tanakh.

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Prophetic Voices: Patriarch Bartholomew I

Posted Dec 3rd, 2021

This Advent, our blog posts will reflect on ‘prophetic voices’; people who, in the spirit of the prophets, may inspire us to action, challenge our preconceptions, refocus our religious practices, or forge a new path forward for our communities.

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For Hope & Healing

Posted Nov 10th, 2021

Interfaith Week Digital Art Exhibition 


an image reading 'For Hope & Healing' with craft materials


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