CCJ statement on antisemitic discourse

Posted Aug 4th, 2018

CCJ deeply regrets the comment made in 2013 by Jeremy Corbyn that British Zionists have “no sense of English irony” despite having ‘lived in Britain all of their lives’. This kind of old antisemitic trope that Jewish people hoped they would never hear again, seeks to imply that Jewish people in Britain are somehow outsiders who don’t really belong. Read more

Statement on the IHRA antisemitism definition

Posted Jul 18th, 2018

As Christians and Jews, we stand firmly against antisemitism. We condemn this repugnant hatred wherever it arises and however it manifests. We believe that the definition of antisemitism should be determined by Jewish people themselves.

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The Council of Christians and Jews welcomes Methodist Conference Memorial

Posted Jul 5th, 2018

The Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) welcomes the memorial on antisemitism passed by the Methodist Conference this week. The memorial which was brought to the Conference by the Lincolnshire Synod of the Methodist Church celebrates the 75th anniversary of CCJ and notes the contributions Methodist ministers the Revd Bill Simpson and the Revd Henry Carter made to CCJ’s founding. Read more

CCJ Refugee Week Guide for Religious Communities

Posted Jun 7th, 2018

Refugee Week, 18-24 June 2018, is the UK’s largest festival promoting understanding of refugees and celebrating their contribution.

CCJ’s guide to Refugee Week contains advice on how to run your own interfaith Refugee Week event, as well as Christian and Jewish liturgy and commentaries for the Sabbath services in that week. We hope you find it practical and thought-provoking.

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Statement on the intended Canonisation of Pope Paul VI

Posted Jun 4th, 2018

The Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) welcomes the news that Pope Paul VI is to be canonised by the Roman Catholic Church. After the horrors of the Holocaust, Pope Paul VI led the transformation of relations between the Jewish world and the Catholic Church. Read more

Statement on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s work against antisemitism

Posted Jun 1st, 2018

In response to recent comments in the media about the Archbishop of Canterbury, CCJ’s Director Elizabeth Harris-Sawczenko has made the following statement:

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Letter to the Hand in Hand School in a week of escalating violence

Posted May 17th, 2018

29 leaders from the Jewish and Christian communities joined CCJ in writing to the Hand in Hand schools assure pupils, parents, and staff that their inspiring model of dialogue and mutual support across Israeli and Palestinian communities is in our thoughts during increased tension & violence.

15th May 2018

Dear friends in the Hand in Hand schools and communities,

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CCJ Avon: Our Fragile Planet: a Christian Perspective

Posted Apr 17th, 2018

Friday 15 June from 7pm for 7.30pm at Redland Church Hall, Redland Green Rd, Bristol, BS6 7HE (nearest train Redland Station; nearest bus no. 9; free parking on nearby roads.) – Our Fragile Planet – a Christian Perspective: Caring for the Oceans 1

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CCJ Statement on the Windrush Generation

Posted Apr 16th, 2018

“And Ruth said: ‘Entreat me not to leave thee, and to return from following after thee; for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge; thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.’” [Ruth 1:16]

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Statement on demonstration against antisemitism in Parliament Square

Posted Mar 26th, 2018

As Christians and Jews, we declare our full solidarity with all those who are demonstrating against antisemitism in Parliament Square this evening. Wherever in society it arises and whoever allows it space, antisemitism is abhorrent and must be identified and eradicated. We are deeply concerned at attempts by some to silence the Jewish community’s response to this issue. Read more